About Us

Chiropractic Memphis is a family practice located in the heart of Downtown Memphis. Founded in 2006, Chiropractic Memphis is located in a building that is over 100 years, and upon reflection, this building truly shows the history and growth of the beautiful city of Memphis.

Our office is designed to create a wonderful and healing overall experience for all our patients. We serve our community by identifying and removing subluxations one person at a time while, at the same time, creating experiences worth repeating. This is possible by helping every practice member, young and old. Everyone who walks through our door, leaves smiling and having a much better, more energetic day, than when they came in.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Matt Hayden was born and raised in Southwest Missouri where he enjoyed spending time with his parents and older brother. Growing up he always wanted to be a doctor. Once he discovered how amazing the human body truly is, he found chiropractic and decided that line of healthcare was the perfect fit for him!

Dr. Matt understood how the body is designed to be healthy and how chiropractic care aids the body in staying healthy by finding nerve interference and removing that interference so that the body is able to heal itself as it was designed to do. By being able to specifically remove that interference, Dr. Hayden knew that chiropractic care is truly what he wanted to practice.

In 2004, Dr. Matt began practicing chiropractic care in Memphis Tennessee. At his Downtown Memphis office, he offers specialized knowledge for the total well-being of each of his patients and the community.

He readily shares knowledge and expertise in total health as a Keynote Speaker at community events and local businesses.

In his free time, Dr. Matt enjoys living an active lifestyle of challenging workouts and raising a healthy family. He is married to his best friend and is a proud father to two amazing girls and the family live in Southaven with their dogs.

Dr. Matt believes the power that made the body heals the body and boosting that internal potential is vital to creating long lives and elite performers in all games of life.